Week1: Paper // First assignment : a greeting card - a motif of Gingerbread House.

I had a hard time creating a piece for this assignment; A greeting card/ a motif of Gingerbread house. Maybe I'm not so found of creating houses?
When I took Part A, I tried so hard to stick with my style, but at this time I tried not to do this and  I'm just going to create without thinking too much.
Here is my final piece.


Lilla Roger's MATS Part-B just started!!

I'm very exited and very nervouse at the same time..... I was concentreating on my new dummy book to create and I'm still working on it.. it's hard to manage two different subjects.. We'll see. Now I have to do mini-exersise. Week 1 topic is "Gingerbread House." Actually I've never paid any attention to it... or I don't even remember I saw a real one.....


Week4 and 5 wrapped up!

I should blog about it long time ago... I'm bad. Now Part B just started. I have to wrap up Week4 and 5.

I just uploaded my final assignment here.

Week4 was "Wall Art" and Week5 was "Gift" which became one of my favorite topics.


Week3 at Lilla Rogers MATS : Children's Books : " Birds "

Our week 3, Children's book :D. Yay!!  Mini drawing exercise was "Birds". I'm not good at drawing animals and had to be away from home for a couple days. So I couldn't draw as much as I wanted to do so. On Wednesday, Lilla gave us a story which was a Russian Folk Tale called " The Language of the Birds" An adventure of a boy, Ivan who wanted to learn a language of birds.
Since I was doing for this for years, I thought it's going to be very easy, but OH NO!. It took me for a while to finish it.
I wanted to add more different elements to make interesting and work on colors.... But I didn't have enough time to do so. oh well.

I wanted to do something new, so I used a thin line, a limited color palette and graphical images.

My final subimission was this one.



Week 2 at Lilla Rogers MATS : Home Decor : "Bromeliads"

I'm really enjoying the Lilla Rogers MATS school! It's intense but so much fun!
The first assignment of bolt fabric was disaster for me, I wasn't good at all. I was thinking about children's book motif too much.
Our week 2, on Monday we got our mini-exercise from Lilla; it was "Bromeliads". I started drawing digitally without paper sketches at this time. I liked them, so I kept drawing and drawing till Wednesday.I also tried to participate and shared my sketches and art pieces to my classmates in FB. They were all so great and encouraging me a lot!


Our home decor assignment was to create surface designs of plate with bromeliads´╝ü
I really wanted to draw kids in them, but I tried to step out of my comfort zone and tried new approaches.
This was my final submission.

I was a little worried about bugs in them...I'm sure that some diner doesn't like bugs in their plats...Oh well, we'll see.