Finally I submitted my art work! A VIntage KItchen Assignment.

Before submitting my final, I played around more.

but I knew something was just not quite right.

I read through all the information Lilla gave us and something caught my attention was  "Who buys bolt fabric?" : Makers of baby items such as baby blankets and diaper bags.
So I tried to image those baby items and composed it.
Here was my final one I submitted.


Week 1 at Lilla Rogers School " MATS" / First Assigment " Vintage Kitchen with Berries and Casseroles".

Lilla gave us quite lots of information and love this class!!! I enjoyed drawing many berries and dishes and playing with them. Our first assignment theme was " Vintage Kitchen with Berries and Pyrex-style casserole dishes ". This first assignment was quite challenging for me. I had to get out of my comfort zone. Many students posted their images on FB. Looking at them made me very nervous. I'm totally different! I guess I had to stay away from my children's book illustration style, but it's too hard to do so! I'm so used to it.
Well, I decided why not try?!

I created all those icons, but I didn't like colors and conposition. So I took away and made it simple.

Ummmm. Still don't know.


Looks like a children's book illustration? ummmmmmm.

I played around more.

After all, I still wanted to use my cute bluberry boys and strawberry girls. We have two more days to play around. We'll see.




I'm enrolled in Lilla Rogers Studio School's "MATS"! Week1 Started!


I'm soooo excited about this workshop! My main focus is still illustration for children's book market, but I would love to learn new areas. Lilla gave us a few great tips about Bolt Fablic Market and mini exercise- draw berries and casseroles! I'll start drawing now!

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